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Last fall on my way home from the studio I came across tied up bundles of weeds and sticks put out for the trash. I was intrigued by them—so many colors and interesting shapes. I took photos and posted them on social media. Thus ensued a lively conversation that included using the photos as inspirations for paintings. Here are the results... The last image is of the 2 paintings put together as a diptych. So you can purchase them individually or together as one painting. Please contact me for prices.

Please scroll down to view the paintings.

Jane Sherrill © 2017 Bundles 2
© Jane Sherrill 2017 | Weed Bundles 2| Acrylic on wood panel | 18" X 18"



Jane Sherrill
© Jane Sherrill 2017 | Weed Bundles 1 | Acrylic on wood panel | 18" X 18"



Jane Sherrill's Bundles paintings together as a dyptich
© Jane Sherrill 2017 | Bundles | Acrylic on wood panels | 18" X 37"

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